February 2nd, 2009


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struggled into work, dropped LB off at nursery and EB off at school. Discovered car doesn't like snow as it was sliding around all over the place in the school car park.

Got into work at quarter to ten, 20 minutes later get a call from nursery to say they're closing at 1pm today and might not be open tomorrow!

So, packing up the laptop and heading home again.

Weather outside goes from blue skies to whiteout every few minutes. Quite entertaining.

K's sister sent us a photo from London - apparently it's at a standstill there, they've got 8" of snow where she lives - no buses running so she can't get to work.

Wrap up warm, folks.

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bah, humbug

brought laptop home, along with sundry disks to do a complete rebuild of the machine.

Except that I was given a retail licence key for XP rather than the volume licence key to go with the disk I have.

Many phone calls and emails later...

still no licence.

So, I can't use the work laptop. K is on the pc upstairs, so I've dusted off the old laptop and am using that.

I've emailed boss to ask for afternoon off instead, saves spending the whole afternoon worrying about it.

Hmm. Tempted to try sticking linux on this laptop, just to see what happens...


what's a good, easy version of linux for a relative newbie to try?

[edit] found a copy of Ubuntu 8.10 onna disk. Relatively easy to set up?

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woo, laptop up and running with internets!

now, what else do I need?

firefox (obviously)

also need to install work-related gubbins
Office2k3 (word/excel/outlook)
Access97 (don't ask)
forms tools
Acrobat 4 (again, don't ask)
PGP Desktop


I'm sure there are some missing from that list...

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am I being stupid?

I'm running this fresh install of XP with nowt more than Windows built-in firewall to protect me.

I can't get at the wrrk anti-virus stuff until tomorrow...

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I feel all geeked up now. Sat here with a lovely fast XP (firewalled and AV'd up) next to my own laptop installing Ubuntu.

ooh! and I had to go rescue K's dad tonight too! His Landrover Discovery had broken down on the way back from Asda, so I collected SaffyDog and the shopping in my humble old Nissan Almera (which seems to like the snow a *lot* better than the newer Focus C-Max!)


He's the one who is supposed to rescue *us* when we get stuck.

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hmm. Ubuntu installed

no internet
screen resolution dodgy - it's a widescreen laptop and the text is very blurry - changed to 1024x768 and it's better but text is huuuuge

no internet.

This was always my problem with linux in the past, getting the damn thing online.

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I appear to be online, using Ubuntu. ndiswrapper or something.

God, that was painful.

Now, to persuade it to show my widescreen screen in all its glory.

I may be gone some time.