January 27th, 2009



tonight's run was a different route - out to the edge of Newmillerdam and back

31:13 for a 3.11 mile route, which is 10:02/mile.

15:08 out, 16:03 back.

I'm not keen out out&back routes, much prefer loops.

Back is mostly uphill, though it's fairly undulating the whole way. Also dug out my HRM and reckoned I was exercising at about 155-160bpm

must work out what a good training zone is.

Anyhoo, the short version is that I'm still enjoying it.

And I made a HUGE panful of my special spicy egg fried rice for lunch tomorrow. So much that I had to have a bowlful tonight. Running makes me HUNGRY.

(no subject)

Oz & James Go Boozing was most amusing this evening.

They appear to have done up the Guinness Brewery visitor bit since I was last there. Must go and re-visit.

The sight of two grown men howling with laughter at a sat-nav unit had me in stitches.

Mmm, beer.