January 19th, 2009


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went for a run tonight - it had stopped snowing and raining so wrapped up in many fluorescent layers and set off.

23:16 for 2.35 miles for those keeping count, or slightly faster than last time. Come down from 23:40 on my first (timed) attempt, so now running at sub 10-minute miles. Not fast by anyone's standards, but consistent.

Think I'll push it up to 3 miles on wednesday, I've worked out a route which adds a side-loop onto the existing route which comes in at a shade over 3 miles. Need to get to it more regularly though - the logs on mapmyrun.co.uk show that I've run on

30/12/2008 - (didn't time it)
07/01/2009 - 23:40 (10:04/mile)
11/01/2009 - 23:35 (10:02/mile)
14/01/2009 - 23:21 (09:56/mile)
19/01/2009 - 23:16 (09:54/mile)

aiming for a time of 21 minutes by Easter for this route, which should be doable, and more of a 'run' than a struggling jog. And pushing the runs up in distance at the weekends - 3 miles this weekend, going up by a mile or a half each weekend, but keeping one short run in to check on progress.