January 17th, 2009



Back from Spa Day.

I can now report that it is quite astonishing how many sesssions in various flavours (literally) of steam and sauna room you can usefully have in one day.

I can also report that I was in dire need of a relaxing spa day after spending twenty minutes driving around the car park looking for a space. Seriously, Centerparcs, pay some guys in hi-viz jackets to get people to park a bit closer together, please?

Favourite room: Japanese Salt Steam Room. Followed by Finnish Sauna.

And yes, I *did* make use of the crushed ice after the sauna (applied liberally to steaming skin (mine)), and went outside into the freezing air wearing just me swimming trunks before diving back into the sauna.

I love sauna.

All relaxed now.

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K and I were in the Turkish Steam Room when two numpties turned up, opened the door to check there was space (fair enough, it was busy), then left the door open whilst they sorted out their robes and towels (this took some time), before coming in and literally squealing 'Oh GOD! Too hot! too hot!' before pressing what they thought was the light switch* then running out.

K and I looked at each other.

"Well, it's not hot any more..."

Seriously, if you go into a steam room, open the door, go in, then CLOSE THE DOOR.

* no, that'd be the emergency ZOMG TROUBLE!!11! button which causes the staff to come over and check no-one has died.


ok, one more post then I'm off to bed.

I seem to have sort of half-volunteered myself to run a session at Photocamp, as per this thread. I said that it might be fun to try what Rankin did in the Seven Photographs That Changed Fashion programme where he recreated, erm, seven photographs that changed fashion, but using modern techniques.

Having now watched all of the programme, I still think it's an interesting idea, but perhaps more fun if we try recreating other famous photos rather than just fashion shots.

I'm thinking of Cartier-Bresson's 'Behind the Gare St. Lazare' , or the Iwo Jima photo (google it) that sort of thing.

This is where *you* come in, dear reader. What famous photograph can you suggest that would be fun to recreate with a bunch of enthusiastic amateur photographers?