January 7th, 2009


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oh yes. Watched James & Oz's Big Beer Extravaganze (or whatever it is they're calling it)

new Resolution: Visit a beer festival this year. Possibly with some of you lot.

Mmm, beer.

Was it me, or did they get confused by referring to bits of Derbyshire as Yorkshire?

That beer run between the three stations, starting at Dewsbury, sounds like fun. Wonder if that line runs anywhere near Marsden (thinking of crash-space at the end of it)

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just realised - need to order more Moo cards before the Photocamp conference as I've nearly run out.


Moo Business, or Moo Mini? I rather like them both. The business cards fit the photos better, but the little ones are cute and stuff.

[edit] I have a moo card set on flickr, but think I need some new images in there. Perhaps I'll do a Leeds set of cards.
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Blimey. Email from Amazon pointing out that my Prime account *did* renew *and* it was set to do so automatically but they would refund the fee even though I had used it since the renewal.

Note to self. Next time you sign up for free trials, make a note of when they will expire and do something about it!