January 6th, 2009


(no subject)

I've spent my christmas amazon voucher. To go with A Study in Scarlet (the rather beautiful Penguin 'Read Red' edition), I've just ordered Kate Atkinson's Case Histories, and China Mieville's Un Lun Dun, as recommended by some of you lot.


Also updated my wishlist, in case any of my family decide not to go for the super-secret espresso machine birthday secret surprise.

I love books. You may have noticed this.

(no subject)

email from ISP: close to the broadband limit, again.

checked usage. 2.41GB, *today*

The 'puter has only been on since 7pm.

Hmm. Strange things happenin' at the Circle K.

I *had* been trying to download a zip file of back issues of JPG magazine, which was taking forever, so unless it was just repeatedly trying to get the 220MB+ file and failing?

Other than that, is there a way of seeing *what* my 'puter has been doing for the last 3 hours?