December 14th, 2008


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DS discovered under EB's bed.

Animal Crossing: man, my town is *full* of weeds. But it's snowing! yay!

I found a snowball too, so I've been pushing it around hoping it'll turn into a snowman. It's quite big now...

happy meme: Day 3

conversations with the Beanlette

LB: [to K] We bought you a necklace!

(This is supposed to be a surprise present for christmas - they had some lovely necklaces at the school fete, they were only £3.50 so the Beans chose one for K)

Me: *cough* it's suppose to be a secret, LB!
LB: Oh! [pause] We didn't really!

K looks at me, and starts to giggle

LB: [to me] next time, I'll whisper it to you, ok?