December 13th, 2008


happy meme: Day 2



First one was at two, at EB's future wife's house. It's generally agreed that he and L will marry one day, and we (as parents-in-law) get on brilliantly, so it's all good.

EB, LB and K are at the second party, next door. I'm taking over at six, as LB is a bit wary (it's a halloween-themed birthday party, so lots of scary children running around).

Mmm, parties. I love party food.

warcrack update: 1.7GB of 3.2GB, which it oddly thinks is 21%.

[edit] now jumped to 63%, which I still reckon isn't right.

(no subject)

advice pls.

I want to install WoW on my laptop. I've already downloaded the game client once, and don't want to have to do so again.

Can I just copy over the directory in program files? Or could someone with a DVD burner burn me a copy of the retail disk as a 'backup'?

(no subject)

oh, and my DS has gone missing, which is troubling.

If anyone has seen it, can they let me know where it is? I want to play Animal Crossing, as apparently it's snowing there.

mission 101

further thoughts:

break down the list into sections -

photography - print and frame one of my photos as a gift, sell a photo, compile a photobook of my Leeds

writing - finish a Monty short story, submit a story to a publisher, etc

health - lose x pounds, run a 5k/10k/half marathon

and so on.

*makes lists*