December 12th, 2008


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James: very good. Didn't manage to pick up their CD as ended up on the other side of the place. Thought could get it online but alas no! Denied.

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Dear Firefox

pls can I be having my bookmarks toolbar back? I rather miss it.

Actually, let me clarify. I *have* the toolbar, just sans bookmarks. Which makes it rather *less* than useful, wouldn't you say?



[edit] fixed. Close Firefox, go into task mananager and end the firefox.exe process. Job's a good 'un.

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I have been tagged in a meeeeme by that dastardy dastard, the_hunter. Curse him, I say! Curse him, and the trousers he rode in on!

full details of his meme are thus:

The rules are that for 8 days you have to post something that made you happy that day. Tag 8 people to do the same.

Apparently he admires my l337 wr1t1ng sk1llz or summat. I blame the drugs. Mmm, drugs.

Anyhoo. I accept the challenge! Ha! Take that!*

Right. Who to tag? I'm not normally much of a taggist, but I think that I shall make an exception.

Hmmm. *strokes chin in Evil Villain-stylee*


ok, that's nine. But novawildstar asked for it. So ner.

* Other boy bands are available. Check local press for details

five things meme

5 things in my purse bag
1. The Umbrella Academy
2. moleskine
3. muji gel ink pen
4. string (useful stuff, string)
5. a collection of pebbles from a beach in Wales

5 things in my room (um. I think of the 'puter room at home as *my* room)
1. shiny new puter
2. graphics tablet (brilliant)
3. cinnamon tictacs
4. EB (usually)
5. games

5 things I’ve always wanted to do
1. write a best-selling novel
2. sell one of my photos
3. be able to do a handstand without propping up against a wall
4. run a marathon (done a fair few half- marathons, but one day I'll do the full thing)
5. learn Japanese

5 things that make me very happy
1. those small oases of calm you get during a day
2. a good espresso
3. email from friends
4. parcels
5. hearing the Beans playing together when they think you're not watching.

5 best friends
hmm. Too tricky to answer this. I have friends who I see in real life, and friends online. Different sorts of 'friends', but friends nonetheless.

5 things I’m currently into
2. graphic novels
3. Fringe
5. Porcupine Tree

5 Impressions of the persons who I stole this from -sirenity
1. warm
2. witty
3. wise
4. wonderful
5. wicked (have you seen that smile of hers?)

I tag... Everyone who hasn't done it :D

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today's idle amusement:

there's a ride outside the library, which is basically a big rotating arm with a set of seats at each end. Myself and J were pondering how far someone would go if the seatbelts broke at the top of the circle. I reckoned they'd hit the road, he reckoned not.

assume the length of the arm is 30 metres (we're crap at estimating, so any Leeds-based people who would like to venture a different suggestion, feel free), and at full pelt, it rotates once every 7.8 seconds.

my elementary maths gives us therefore a speed of 94.26 m/s, from a height of 32 metres (adding on the height of the base).

At this point time has dimmed my mathematical skillz. How far would an average person travel if projected at that speed from that height?

[edit] a quick google for projectile simulators reveals that the body would travel about 30 metres horizontally.

Next question therefore was how fast you'd have to be going to get as far as the road (about 80m, we reckon). Turns out you'd need to be doing a full revolution in about 3 seconds.

So, dear reader. How many G's would you be pulling?

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I keep feeling it should be called 'While My Uke Gently Weeps'

Seriously though, this is pretty fabulous. I love this song, and this guys rocks it.

ooh, a duet.

I wish I could play an instrument.


hmm. This is getting tedious.

Download client, it launches a screen saying 'Play'

I click play. It chimes at me and shows me the same screen. Click, chime, click, chime.

Click uninstall, to try again. Chime. Click, chime.

*kicks warcrack*

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stupidly I though that buying Warcraft online would be easy.

After all, I had a trial version already installed.

No. Once you've upgraded, the trial version doesn't work. Go and download a full version.


Download, didn't work (see earlier post)

read forums

switch off AV software

download again.

Works! joy!

except now that it's downloaded the installer, it's downloading 3.2GB of stuff.


This had *so* better be worth it.