December 4th, 2008


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woke up to snow! wooo!

which rapidly turned to slush, and made driving the car... interesting. Dropped car off at garage (late, due to Snow!) and trundled carefully down to the train station where I missed my train by a couple of minutes.

I blame the snow!

So, stood on a cold-but-not-freezing-technically station in the slush and light drizzly not-quite-snow for half an hour, and half an hour late into work.

joy joy.

feet still cold.

photography: Leeds

Remember how I said I was going to pull together a series of photos on what made up 'my Leeds'?

well, a recent thread in the Leeds Flickr group reminded me that you can view a person's contributions to the group pool.

Here then are my Leeds photos. I've posted some up here before.

comments, critiques and other thoughts welcomed.

I'm still planning on doing the photobook - I may use some of these in there, but will re-visit some of the older ones which I took with my point & shoot camera.