November 22nd, 2008


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listening to LB playing in her bedroom, chattering away to her collection of dolls.

EB has gone next door with his friend EW - they're both playing Zelda on the DS from the start, again. One day I hope to prise the game off him for long enough for *me* to play it.

It is *my* game, after all. :-)

Mam and K have gone shopping into Wakefield, so the house is lovely and quiet. I might go and make myself a large pot of coffee and sit and peruse the Grauniad crossword for a bit. Oh, and Martin Parr has a done a series of photographs of Leeds, which is in a special Grauniad pull-out today.

So, nothing particularly exciting going on. Bliss. I hope your day is going as well as mine is.


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looking for a simple digital countdown timer for my crackberry (pearl 8120), preferably free. Something I can set for 10/15/20/whatever minutes, it counts down, and beeps.



well, that went down rather well.

As K and my mam were out shopping, I was left in charge. Roast chicken, roast potatoes and parsnips, along with peas and carrots, and gravy.

Not only did the Beans clear their plates, they asked for seconds, and finished that off too.

then thirds. Cleared every scrap of food I'd cooked.

LB had to be physically restrained from licking her plate clean.

I suspect I've just cooked myself into a job as Chief Roast Dinner Maker.



Martin Parr's supplement on Leeds in today's Guardian was interesting. I must confess that I find his work a little uninspiring, but there were some great shots in there. Sadly the supplement was only available in the Leeds area, which was an odd decision. I'd have loved to see his takes on some of the other cities in the series, but had no desire to splash out £30 on a box set of newspaper supplements. Photos don't really feel right to me on newsprint either.

There didn't seem to be the sense of place that I was hoping for though. The photos, whilst interesting, didn't shout 'LEEDS' to me in the way some from the Leeds Flickr group do.

Which prompted a thought - perhaps I should do my own photo essay of my city (despite living in Wakefield for nearly ten years, I still consider Leeds my *home* and my city, oddly enough). Show what *I* think Leeds is.