November 16th, 2008


Fry's America

So, Stephen Fry has finished his epic American journey.

Yes, I know he finished it *ages* ago, and is currently in Africa prodding lemurs (if his twitter stream is anything to go by), but the last episode was on telly tonight.

It reminded me, with some sadness, that we never made it north of San Francisco, or across the Golden Gate Bridge on our epic (to us) Californian trip. Which I've now realised was an entire decade ago, almost to the month.

Must go back. Really, must go back. I'd love to visit Seattle (amongst other places), Alaska looked wonderful, and Hawaii simply gorgeous.


And next year we're going to... Centerparcs. Down the road, relatively speaking. And North Wales, camping. Then Scotland again, which at least is in a different country.

So, USA in 2010?