November 13th, 2008


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got my 5-port USB card this morning, which was pretty fast!

I'm curious about the setup though - four external USB ports, fine. But one internal port. What would you plug into an internal port?

[edit] I do have a USB bluetooth dongle which I could use in there, I suppose. The wifi dongle really needs to live outside the case, given the issues I've had with the connection between the room the computer is in and the router downstairs...

Also for the technologically minded amongst you: My PC case has two front-mounted USB ports, but they don't seem to work. I'm reasonably sure I've plugged the correct lead into the correct bit of the motherboard. Any suggestions?


Niven, the library cat, has just turned up. See?

Cassie's attention was distracted by the arrival of Niven, the library cat. She had expressed surprise when she'd first learned that the library had a cat, and yet more surprise at the fact that it had several.

Niven had turned up a couple of years earlier. The early morning porter had been about to empty the book drop box when he had heard a mewling sound from within. When he opened the box to retrieve the books dropped in by students whilst the library had been closed, out had jumped a small black kitten.

The porter, being a huge science fiction fan, had promptly named the cat Niven, after one of his favourite authors. He had spoken to Sir Randall about it, and the two of them had agreed that the porter could take Niven home.

Except Niven decided, as cats do, that his home was right *here*, thankyouverymuch. And so the library had acquired a cat. Or, more likely, the cat had acquired a library.

Niven passed his days stalking amongst the shelves, terrifying the first-year students and finding unlikely places in which to be discovered. It was always fun at the start of term when a queue of freshers made their way over to the General Enquiry Desk to ask, very politely, if the librarian on duty knew that there was a cat in the library?


heh. Wondered when that would happen. Wordcount: 6,842. Never surrender. :-)