November 10th, 2008


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Finally, Indy 4 is out on DVD and I can get to watch it!

I've heard all the so-so reviews, but I'm still excited. It's Indy! How can that not be ace?

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seems like half of my friendslist* is linking to articles in the Grauniad this morning. :-)

in other news: Indy 4 was £14.99 *everywhere*, except for WH Smiths, where it was £15.99.


in a fit of desperation, and ignoring my brother's texted advice ('just rent the bloody thing'), I made a last-ditch call in at Woolies, where not only was it £9.90, but you also got a set of Indiana Jones marbles, which I'm sure EB will enjoy muchly.


* ok, three of you. But it felt like more

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my internet connection keeps flaking out, so I'm going through the plusnet fault checker. Answered all their questions, and now they want to test my connection. I get this message:

Please confirm the following:

* Your broadband hardware is powered-up and plugged in
Unless your hardware is powered up and connected, the checks will fail. If you are not able to set up your broadband connection right now, you can return to this point within 48 hours to begin the tests.
* You have disabled hardware and software firewalls
A firewall is a feature that blocks other Internet users from accessing your network. If you connect with a router, check the router settings to confirm that if it has a built-in firewall, it is currently disabled. If you are not sure, check the router documentation.

WTF? Are you drunk? Oh sure, I'll just switch off my firewalls. Hang on while I drop my pants and bend over too.

*starts looking for a new ISP*