November 3rd, 2008



lines, originally uploaded by dakegra.

It was the Leeds Flickr Group's inaugural lunchtime shoot today, which I sort of helped organise.

Rather impressed with the turnout - nine or 10 of us braved the cold, pottered off for a quick latte then a stroll around to take some photos.

Theme of the shoot was 'lunchtime' (ok, none of us could think of anything exciting), but I ended up with this one, which I rather like.

Spent much of the shoot chatting with a fellow flickrite about cameras and film, and we have Cunning Plans involving Holgas and film swaps.




wordcount: 501

and I appear to have another new character already! Alberto, proprietor (dammit, *that* was the word I'd been looking for!) of the Nelson Mandela cafe in the student union.

No sign of Monty or Molly yet, which must be some kind of record. :-)

Writing this in Google Docs, so I can do some from whichever computer I happen to be at.

Where are *you* doing yours?

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wordcount: 2170

Not bad. I've got five characters on the go - Sam and Cassie have just met, Tom is busy being pretty posing on his scooter, and Steve fancies Cassie. Alberto still runs the coffee shop.

A fair evening's effort. :-) The characters all seem to be taking on lives of their own and telling their stories, which is good but I'm sure it won't last.

My back is starting to play up again, so I think it's time for bed. G'night all.

oh, and the word I was looking for was 'sub-warden', but I liked the other answers too. :-)