September 21st, 2008



feeling a little... off tonight. Probably just down to a long day/weekend. I had a long post planned out (whilst doing the washing up), but it got a bit maudlin and woe-is-me kind of thing, which is entirely unnecessary and I'll most likely wake up in the morning full of the joys of life again.

So, we'll park that one, for now.

Work on the rainbow photography meme thing continues apace. I hope you lot are all hard at it.

And when you've finished, that you get on with taking some photos. BWAHAHAHA.


See? Maudlin to cheeky in one post. Irrepressible spirit of optimism. I should bottle it.


pinhole01, originally uploaded by dakegra.

one of my favourites of the 10 usable shots I gof from the pinhole camera - the circular flare had a proper name, but I can't offhand remember what it is.



pinhole02, originally uploaded by dakegra.

just look at that. Look how clear it is. You've got sharp lines, tones.

with a matchbox, some film, and about half an hour's worth of effort.

see that line along the bottom? Go see the large version:

that shaky line is the edge of the cardboard mask inside the camera - the little strands are bits of cardboard loose from the cutting process.

I'm *still* geeking out about this.