September 19th, 2008


photo mojo

A while back someone mentioned having lost their photo mojo.

You know who you are.

So, I have for you, and any other photographers out there, a challenge.

What I want to see is a rainbow. Not your typical rainbow, but a set of images which together comprise the colours of the rainbow, made up from everyday objects in your house and your town.

[edit] one rule - I want at *least* seven photographs. Bonus points if you can get photographs with overlapping colours, but I still want at least seven.

Bit like this:

I'll be doing it too. Who's with me?

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wireless USB dongle thingy arrived, plugged in.


connection speeds went from 1 or 2Mbps up to 54Mbps, occasionally dipping to 48.

cor. Best tenner I've spent for a while.

rainbow mojo challenge

EB is totally excited about the rainbow photo thing. He's already done red (ketchup) and orange (er, oranges).

So I've got some catching up to do. Actually, I need to prise him off the D50 so I can have a turn.