August 30th, 2008



We got k's dad his camera today. D60 plus two lenses, the 18-55mm kit lens and a sigma 55-200mm , plus a 4GB card for 460, and he will get 60 quid cashback. Nice.
Better lens than the tamron 70-300 for what he wants

Oh and my 50mm prime doesn't autofocus on k's dad's D60 - the D60 doesn't have a motor in the body, and the prime doesn't have a motor in the lens.

Still all works though, and it's a lovely bit of kit.

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K's dad (henceforth known as S) also bought a camera case for his new shiny - a Lowepro one, big enough to hold the camera and both lenses, as well as various other odds and ends.

However, he really likes the case that I have, which just holds the SLR plus whatever lens is on it - it *just* holds my 18-55mm lens and the 50mm one, but only because the prime is so damn small.

So, I could sell him mine and upgrade to a larger case - I'm thinking something along the lines of this, which I've found for £36 (free delivery). If he'll give me £15 for mine...