August 27th, 2008


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Morning all

I trust you're well, and managed to survive the weekend without your daily dose of dakegra wibbleage?

I've noticed recently that I haven't commented in other journals as much as I used to. I do read them all (mostly), and sometimes make a mental note to come back and post a pithy/supportive/witty comment, but my mental notes aren't great, and I keep losing them. So, imagine that I've posted something appropriate to your recent posts, ok?

Right, that's saved some time. *rubs hands with glee*

I've noticed that I've come off some friendslists. I really don't have a problem with this, and quite frankly am suprised that so many of you put up with me for so long.

An open note to all, therefore: If you want to take me off your friendslist, please do! I won't be cross, honest.

I might have a clear out too - there are some journals that I *do* post comments in, which never garner a response - a lot of what I like about LJ is the social conversation aspect of it, and I occasionally feel that I've been shouting into the wind, and if the person I've been talking to doesn't want to reply, then is there any point?

Yes, I'm procrastinating. I've got a cost model and a PRRF to do, whatever *that* is. It's all numbers to me.

So, inna nutshell, Hi! hope you're well. If you want to go, go, if you want to stay, stay. I love you all.

not you...
everyone else though!


that's annoying. All the shops in the Corn Exchange have now gone, including Travelling Man (relocated, found that) and the juggling shop. Which means I can't just pop in and try out the clear acrylic balls in there.



K's dad wants to get a digital SLR, and is asking for advice.

eek. It's been a while since I last looked at the offerings on offer, on the basis that if I don't look at the shiny, the shiny doesn't exist, and I, dakegra will not be tempted by the non-existent shiny that isn't there anyway.

Except now I need to investigate the shiny.

What's the latest in DSLR technology then? He's quite taken with my Nikon D50, and I suspect we're looking at about the £300 to £400 quid mark.