August 10th, 2008


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bleaugh. Awake.

fell asleep during House last night, only to wake up to what I can only assume was a different episode. Saffy and I were both on different sofas, fast asleep.

It's a glorious day, though for how long, I know not. I'm going back to bed though, mainly because I *can*. heh.

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phone call from K at 11:30 - they're on their way home. I thought they were doing stuff this afternoon and getting back late late tonight, but it seems that plans changed, and they're heading back.

Which means that the pub lunch with my mam when I pick her up from the train station at 3 isn't going to be practical, and I've had to make an emergency trip to Asda to pick up some food for tea tonight. But, it'll be nice to get K and the Beans back.

Now, time to tackle that ironing! Had sort of planned to do some, and Mam quite enjoys ironing (or so she says) and always does whatever we have lying around (including all the stuff that we never iron)

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lunch was one of those 'what can I find in the fridge' moments.

cold boiled rice leftover from curry last night (I always make too much rice)
couple of slices of ham
one single, solitary egg.


Fry up egg, scrambling it in the pan. Add ham, chopped up. Add the cold rice.

very important the rice is *cold*, or it sticks to the pan.

fry gently, adding black pepper, some chinese 5 spice powder and a sprinkling of dark soy sauce.

pile into a large bowl, then NOMNOMNOMNOM.

very tasty. Could have done with some sliced spring onions, perhaps.

Now watching Dead Like Me, which I seem to have managed not to watch past the first disc previously. It's very very good.