July 12th, 2008


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Your result for Which Chess Piece are You Test?...

The Queen's Confidante

Congrats! Only 5-7% of the population score this!

The Queen's Confidante is the first to hear the beat of a different drum. Many plunge into the avant garde experience and generally set the trend for their friends. They are more in touch with reality using their senses but this makes them want to live for the ‘here and now’. The Confidante is full of charm and may flow with compliments even if it isn’t deserved. Rather than write a poem on the beauty of life – they would rather live out the written story of beauty.

The Queen’s Confidante is usually peaceful and easygoing in nature. They usually adopt a 'live and let live' approach to life. They take things at their own pace and live for the moment. They may be quiet but are pleasant, considerate and caring. They may not be inclined to debate or air their views, but of course their values are important to them. They will solve problems as they arise especially if it concerns people. Generally the Confidante is one who develops great team spirit through the promotion of cooperation. They will only repeat facts without placing too much spin or interpretation on them. Because of this they may be the best mediators.

The Confidante is sensitive to its environment, and much more perceiving than others with regards to the physical world. They can notice variations in behavior of others. They are highly conscious of companions and friends, but they prefer to let others direct. This ‘Pawn’ is rarer than others because they are emotionally well rounded with a great degree of empathy. Because of this empathy, they can be overly concerned with ‘feelings’. They may even sacrifice their ideals and not contribute enough, especially if they don’t wish to exercise criticism.

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the recent goings on with the XML thing and puTTy have shown that my knowledge of such things is somewhat lacking.

nonameyet and nalsa were both very helpful, as were others - can anyone recommend a good book/site to go to learn more about the goings on that I need to know?

Oh, and O'Reilly have a new book on Learning Perl, which is one of those things which always sounds like something I should know about. Worth a look (on the basis that I can probably cadge a review copy?)

Of course, one could argue that I have entirely far too many books to read/review on the go at the moment anyway...

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oh, this brings back happy memories of the family sat around the telly, giggling at Stuart Hall giggling at crazy European types doing crazy things.



been playing round with a snippet of Monty in my head for a day, and I can't work out if it's brilliantly amusing, or Mary-Sue dreck of the highest order.

Or a bit of both. I guess I need to write it down and find out.


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yeah yeah, I should combine these all into one uber-post. Sue me.

Climbing tomorrow with The Bean, but I think I'm going to give it a miss. My left thumb is still sore and downright painful if I grip something in the wrong way. Not what you want when you're hanging onto a climbing wall, really.

Not helped by a huge amount of gardening done by YT today. The front flowerbed is freshly weeded (shouldn't that be de-weeded?), as is the back. I've got six rolls of lovely fresh turf to lay tomorrow in the back garden too, and the birds and squirrels have eaten every last cherry off my cherry tree.