Dave (dakegra) wrote,


day 2
wordcount: 0

heh. Away for the weekend down to Derbyshire, to visit Sudbury Hall and the Museum of Childhood, and also Calke Abbey, both of which were wonderful, in different ways.

Sudbury Hall is rather nice, well looked after and full of interesting things. Calke Abbey is also rather nice, rather less well looked after and crammed to the gills with collections of all kinds of fascinating and bizarre things. They seemed to have a thing for stuffing animals, and shiny rocks.

I kid you not.

So equally wonderful. Back at tea-time, and I rather appear to have done my back in. I blame the beds in the Holiday Inn Express. Hopefully I've just slept on it funny, and will be back in action (if you'll excuse the pun) soon.

And no words on NaNo2008 yet, but it's early days and plenty of time to catch up, eh?

I hope my fellow NaNovelists are doing rather better? Hmm?

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