Dave (dakegra) wrote,

drabble meme

At caitirin's suggestion, something from the Potterverse. And blame my mixup of a drabble and slash...

99 words, clean...

Professor McGonagall stopped at the doorway to her classroom, her attention caught by the plant on her desk. She looked down the corridor and caught sight of a student hurrying away. Longbottom?

She looked at the plant. It was unlike anything she'd ever seen, certainly not magical in origin. Later, Professor Sprout suggested a name, with a giggle, and later McGonagall found herself in Hogwarts' library, in the Herbology section.

She scanned the page until she found the entry. "Catnip..." she muttered, reading the description.

Her prim features blushed, ever so slightly. Well, it made a change from roses...
Tags: drabble, potter

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