Dave (dakegra) wrote,

as you may have guessed from the photos, we didn't make it to the party this weekend. Neither of us was feeling particularly well, and the thought of a huge drive there and back just didn't do it for us.

So, we meandered around looking at new dishwashers and washing machines and GIANT TVs whilst K's parents took the Beans to Cannon Hall Farm for the afternoon (where they'd have been going anyway, had they been on beansitting duty).

Had a nice chinese meal last night, watched Fringe (v.v.bonkers, but fun) and chilled out.

Got the day booked off tomorrow as we'd have been knackered driving back today, but we're going to head off to IKEA to look at desks and stuff. *without* the kids. Wooo! meatballs for lunch.

Oh, and it's our wedding anniversary today, something both of us forgot!

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