Dave (dakegra) wrote,

oh, did I ever post an update on the non-slidey slide? Can't remember.

Anyway, I was in the garden over the weekend hanging out some washing when LB had another go on the slide. She got about halfway down and stopped, an unhappy little Beanlette.

And you know how having an Unhappy Beanlette makes me sad. So I nipped into the kitchen, procured the furniture polish and proceeded to, well, polish the slide.

Boy, does that work! The squeals of joy as Unhappy Beanlette became Very Happy Beanlette were a sight for sore eyes. Or sore ears. Or something.

EB was retrieved from next door to test the new, improved slide. We ended up having to put a rug down at the end of it as they were going *so* fast.

In retrospect, polishing the very top bit of the slide where you stand pre-slide perhaps wasn't the best of ideas, but a quick wipe with a babywipe sorted that out.

So, dear reader. If you ever have problems with non-slidey slides, use furniture polish. Not only will your slide be super-slidey, it'll also smell delightfully of lavender.

As did the Beans, come to mention it.


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