Dave (dakegra) wrote,


so, Neal Stephenson has a new book out next week, Anathem. It looks pretty interesting, but I'm wary - his recent Baroque Cycle nearly finished me off - I got halfway through Quicksilver before mi brane started leaking out of one ear. That said, I loved Cryptonomicon, and Snow Crash is just ace. I watched a bit of Neal reading from Anathem last night (can't remember which site, probably io9.com). Some authors should *not* be allowed to read their own stuff out loud. :-) There are a couple of exceptions which spring to mind: Jasper Fforde and Neil Gaiman are both wonderful speakers. Dave Gorman is also damn good at the book reading thing. So, dear reader. Which authors do you like to hear read their own work? And, for bonus points, will *you* be buying Anathem? as ever, it's on my amazon wishlist, if you're feeling flush. :-)

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