Dave (dakegra) wrote,

had a lie-in this morning, which was rather nice. Can't get used to sleeping over at K's parents' house though.

Jobs for today:

tidy/hoover through
varnish windowsill (might give them another coat of paint though - they've had two)
fix roofbox

doesn't look like I'm going to get out with the camera, as it's peeing down and is set to do so all day.

shopping - need to remember to get hay/sawdust for the piggies. They were really pleased to see me this morning. Weeeep! weeeeeep!
also need to replace gas bottle for next camping trip (Greenbelt, inna fortnight)

coffee first. :-)

oh, and got a 4GB card for my new Crackberry. Am filling it with the ubermixes and TED videos. I love my Crackberry. It needs a good name though...

Suggestions? Prize for the winner...

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