Dave (dakegra) wrote,

I've just finished reading Maximum Impact, by Jack Henderson.
In 1993, a legendary hacker brainstorms the ultimate terrorist attack in a members-only online chat room. On September 11, 2001, he sees his dark vision materializing into a murderous reality. Jeannie Reese, lead designer in the US government's Total Information Awareness program, begins a high-tech pursuit of this mythical figure of the Internet underground. But the hunt soon leads Jeannie down an alarming trail of revelations: the terrorists are gathering again and a massive follow-up attack is coming, designed by the most formidable mind she's ever encountered.

Silly, but fun. One of those books where you suddenly seem to be halfway through and have to keep picking it up to see what highly implausible things happen next. Seriously, there were several moments where I had to skip back a few pages and go 'hang on just a second there bub. You did *what*? How, exactly, did you do that, from there?'

And yes, Jeannie Reese is ubertalented, extremely gorgeous and very smart.

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